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What a wonderful write up! It was so nice to finally meet you! Many thanks!

Steven Walters, Resident Actor at Dallas Theater Center and Co-Founder of Second Thought Theatre

Moonshine: That Hee Haw Musical Ain't Yer Mama's Broadway Score

Moonshine: That Hee Haw Musical Ain't Yer Mama's Broadway Score

Robert Horn, along with critically-acclaimed country music singer/songwriters Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally, make Moonshine good y'all ... reeeal good.

Musical Theater Review: Wicked Presented by Dallas Summer Musicals

Musical Theater Review: Wicked Presented by Dallas Summer Musicals

Amanda Jane Cooper and Emily Koch provide strong comedic fervor to the already-funny classic script to make the show even more 'thrillifying.'

Theater Review of Pluck the Day by Steven Walters

Theater Review of Pluck the Day by Steven Walters

Very smartly written and hilaaaariously funny, this fresh comedy by Steven Walters (Glenn Reed on Friday Night Lights) is not just your typical redneck joke.

Elf the Musical is Scrumptiously Satisfying

Elf the Musical is Scrumptiously Satisfying

This well-written, well-performed show is rife with one-liners, slapstick comedy, and jazzy choreography that makes for pure 'elfin magic.'


Beauty and Pain Mark Love Never Dies, a Sequel to The Phantom of the Opera


Consider this production more like an angsty opera and less like a happy-go-lucky piece of musical theater.

Hilariously Gut-Wrenching Waitress Opens at Dallas Summer Musicals


Steering away from the standard lineup of family-friendly productions, this thought-provoking show runs for a limited two-week engagement.

Irving Berlin's White Christmas Offers a Vintage Time Capsule


Retro choreography, fresh costumes, and festive holiday sets make this old-fashioned production a contemporary entertainment option for the entire family.

The Bodyguard Offers Full Protection of Your Entertainment Dollar


Dallas Summer Musicals caps off their season with knock-out celebrity vocals and high-energy dance numbers.

Morgana Shaw Discusses Current Role as Hollywood Icon Bette Davis


The local actress opens up about digging deep for the currently-touring one-woman show All About Bette.

Step Right Up as Circus 1903 Brings Acrobats and Elephants to Town


Pachydermian puppets grace the stage for the area premier of this decadent show featuring mesmerizing circus acts.

Kinky Boots Sparkles with Friendship, Acceptance, and Redemption


Theatrically engaging and packed with thrilling choreography, this heartwarming tale inspires peace and harmony.

All-New Production of Let It Be Brings Peace and Love to Dallas


You'll be encouraged to clap your hands, stomp your feet, and go as mad as you like during this fun Fab Four tribute.

The Illusionists Provide a Magical Evening of Exciting Entertainment


Live from Broadway, this next-generation magic show captivates audiences with awe-inspiring performances.

Rhythmically-Mesmerizing Sounds of STOMP are Right up Our Alley


The fascinating production has a uniquely-raw story to tell and uses items like crinkly brown lunch sacks to do it.

Musical Theater Review: Love is a Three-Way Street for An American in Paris


Brilliant dancing, talented actors, and music by George and Ira Gershwin ... who could ask for anything more?

Musical Theater Review: Santa Brings Broadway Christmas Wonderland to Town


A vocal showcase and high-kicking chorus line keep the Music Hall at Fair Park hoppin' and a-boppin' by singing holiday songs.

Musical Theater Review: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is Cuuuuuute!

11/26/16 | SHERRI TILLEY

The nostalgic television classic is meticulously recreated for stage, stopping this weekend only at the Music Hall at Fair Park.

Tony Award-Winning 42nd Street Caps Off Dallas Summer Musicals 2015/2016 Season

07/01/16 | SHERRI TILLEY

One of our favorite shows of the season, this Lullaby of Broadway kept us perky and alert all evening long.

Knockout Performances and Fancy Footwork Make Bullets Over Broadway an Offer You Can't Refuse

06/16/16 | SHERRI TILLEY

This unapologetically silly and extremely well-performed musical elicits hearty laughs.

Theater Review: Ragtime Presented by Dallas Summer Musicals

05/25/16 | SHERRI TILLEY

The example of continually striving to rise above oppression reminds us that, no matter what, We Can Never Go Back to Before.

Making Wicked Tick: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Touring Production of the Smash-Hit Musical

04/19/16 | SHERRI TILLEY

New special effects and an army of cast and crew function like clockwork to bring this iconic one-of-a-kind show to life.

Dallas Summer Musicals Dazzles Guests with Cirque-Themed Entertainment at the 2016 Curtain Call Gala Event

04/18/16 | SHERRI TILLEY

The Music Hall at Fair Park was whimsically transformed into a uniquely-magical setting for the 2016 Curtain Call Gala imaginatively themed Cirque du Musicale.

Winners Announced for The 5th Annual Dallas Summer Musicals High School Musical Theatre Awards

04/15/16 | SHERRI TILLEY

Record-breaking participation made this year's event an exciting showcase culminating in awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Musical, and more.

Interview with Actor Melvin Abston, Sebastian the Crustacean in Disney's The Little Mermaid

03/07/16 | SHERRI TILLEY

Melvin Abston speaks about the rewards of acting and his volunteer work within the theater community as well as his interests as a history buff and self-proclaimed foodie.

Theater Review: Elf The Musical

12/09/15 | SHERRI TILLEY

This well-written, well-performed show is rife with one-liners, slapstick comedy, and jazzy choreography that makes for pure 'elfin magic.'

Theater Review: The Sound of Music

11/05/15 | SHERRI TILLEY

Longtime fans of the classic movie are certainly liable to appreciate the close-to-original sound of the beloved songs that so many have grown to adore.

Theater Review: Pippin

07/08/15 | SHERRI TILLEY

The Tony Award?-winning musical Pippin delivers all the components that audiences could reasonably want from a nationally-touring production.

Theater Review: Dirty Dancing

06/24/15 | SHERRI TILLEY

Well-performed dance sequences and well-known scenes based on the movie unfolded in alternating dramatic and humorous scene-by-scene depiction.

Theater Review: Cinderella

06/10/15 | SHERRI TILLEY

Dallas Summer Musicals' production of Cinderella dazzles audiences with can-you-believe-your-eyes twirling makeover transformations

Theater Review: Rodgers & Hammerstein's The King and I

03/30/15 | SHERRI TILLEY

The King and I is wonderfully entertaining, richly layered, and dazzling to behold ? et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Theater Review: Kinky Boots

02/26/15 | SHERRI TILLEY

The nationally-touring production of Kinky Boots has now placed its uniquely stiletto-ed footprint on the 75th anniversary season of Dallas Summer Musicals.

25 Questions with Grace Stockdale

02/19/15 | SHERRI TILLEY

Grace Stockdale will be making her tour debut in the role of Nicola in the cast of Kinky Boots, opening at Dallas Summer Musicals.

Theater Review: A Christmas Story

12/03/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

It's Ralphie to the Rescue with high-action entertainment, pink-bunny pajama-wearin', leg-shaped lamp-breakin', and more outrageous shenanigans!

Theater Review: A Christmas Carol

12/03/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

The times, they are a-changin'; and DTC's revamped production of this holiday classic melds the old with the new in a freshly relevant and distinctly traditional way.

Theater Review: Nice Work If You Can Get It

09/04/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Packed with beloved Gershwin tunes, vintage-styled costumes, and loads of fancy footwork, this well-paced retro rom-com is consistently funny throughout.

Theater Review: Les Miserables

07/04/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

This outstanding reinterpretation provides a sense of timelessness, as if the story could be taking place in the past, present, or even the future.

Theater Review: Mamma Mia!

06/04/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Bring your mom, daughter, friend, neighbor, or entire Sisterhood of Traveling Pants to this high-energy musical seen by millions worldwide.

Theater Review: Evita

04/16/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Latin-flavored ballroom moves, muted colors, and amber lighting in this production offer a historical documentary approach (think Newsies or Les Mis).

Theater Review: The Wizard of Oz

03/20/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

This well-paced journey through the magical land of Oz features impressive set design, lavish costumes, dramatic video projections, and music from the iconic film.

Theater Review: The Fortress of Solitude

03/16/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Spanning generations, musical genres, and cultural boundaries, this intriguing production serves up soulful harmonies and music that's finger snappin' good.

Theater Review: We Will Rock You

03/05/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

We Will Rock You is loud and live fun musical entertainment with a live band above the stage rocking out to a fantastic score of Queen's biggest hits.

Theater Review: Disney's The Little Mermaid

02/19/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Audiences flip head over tails for The Little Mermaid's stunningly realistic swimming effects, catchy tunes, splashy costumes, and Disney magic.

Theater Review: Cock

02/01/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

The acting in this show is so superb that the audience is easily taken beyond shallow superficiality and plunged into the depths of this examination of romantic love.

Theater Review: Ghost The Musical

01/29/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

The supernatural story of love follows Sam and Molly, a young couple whose connection takes a shocking turn after Sam's untimely death.

Theater Review: Oedipus el Rey

01/26/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Take destiny into your own hands when reading about this unique and riveting new production, an adaptation of an ancient Greek tale examining fate versus free will.

Theater Review: Oedipus el Rey: The Blue Pill

01/26/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Take destiny into your own hands when reading about this unique and riveting new production, an adaptation of an ancient Greek tale examining fate versus free will.

Theater Review: Oedipus el Rey: The Red Pill

01/26/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Take destiny into your own hands when reading about this unique and riveting new production, an adaptation of an ancient Greek tale examining fate versus free will.

Theater Review: Rehearsal for Murder

01/03/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Harry Hunsacker returns to the stage with another Living Black & White? adventure creating the illusion of a 1930's-40's black-and-white movie brought to life on stage!

Theater Review: Pegasus Theatre

01/03/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Pegasus Theatre's innovative signature Black and White shows are designed to recreate the look and feel of an old 1930's-40's era movie live on stage.

Theater Review: White Christmas

12/18/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

Retro choreography, fresh costumes, and festive sets make this old-fashioned production a contemporary entertainment option for the entire family.

Theater Review: The Screwtape Letters

11/11/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

The Screwtape Letters is an entertaining and illuminating look at the menacing powers at work on the battlefield of the human mind.

Theater Review: Clybourne Park

10/12/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

Bruce Norris' sharp-witted look at cultural changes explores layers of racial tensions leaving a full gamut of intensely-wrought emotions littered across the living room floor.

Theater Review: The Lion King

10/09/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

The art of puppetry throughout the evening was beyond magnificent with puppeteers mimicking the gestures thereby providing double the character experience.

Theater Review: A Raisin in the Sun

09/21/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

A Raisin in the Sun and Clybourne Park offer an in-your-face conversation about race, real estate, and the volatile values of each.

Theater Review: Flashdance The Musical

06/27/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

Flashdance is less like a traditional symphony-accompanied singing play and more like a pop/rock concert jam session with really dynamic back-up dancers.

Theater Review: Gruesome Playground Injuries

06/14/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

Touching, oddly realistic, quite believable, and as it turns out ? a compelling observation of evolving answers to the multifaceted question Does it hurt?

Theater Review: Sister Act

06/06/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

The snappy light musical is ideal for the relaxed spring/summer season, and groovin' to the beat of the Philly soul is a 'habit' you won't want to break.

Theater Review: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

05/15/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

Far from being a pushy political statement, Priscilla is a fun, extravagant, sexy, adult show about loving and accepting people from all dance styles of life.

Theater Review: Wicked

04/12/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

A giant mechanical Time Dragon, circus-inspired talking Oz, elaborate scenic design, phenomenal cast, and 200+ exquisite costumes ... why, it's positively thrillifying!

Theater Review: The Odd Couple

03/25/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

Local actors shine in supporting roles in Neil Simon's The Odd Couple about iconic characters Oscar the slob and Felix the neat freak.

Theater Review: Mary Poppins

03/20/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

Mary Poppins takes the Banks family as well as audiences on a Jolly Holiday where it turns out that Anything Can Happen if you let it.

Theater Review: King Lear

01/26/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

In a co-production with Trinity Repertory Company, Dallas Theater Center presents King Lear, one of William Shakespeare's greatest tragedies.

Theater Review: Oral Fixation

01/15/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

From heartwarming to hilarious, the Oral Fixation storytelling series features true, personal stories that each correspond with a particular theme.

Theater Review: Catch Me If You Can

01/13/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

This 1960's style 'ultimate reality show' is based on the hit DreamWorks film and amazingly true autobiographical story of Frank W. Abagnale, Jr.

Theater Review: A Christmas Carol

12/01/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Chamblee Ferguson is magnificent as the penny-pinching Scrooge who receives a stern warning about the consequences of a life of opportunities misused.

Theater Review: The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

10/28/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

You don't have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this thrilling production about the characters and concepts that make up the world of wrestling and world in general.

Theater Review: The Addams Family

10/05/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Living, dead, and 'undecided' members of the Addams family come vibrantly alive for this macabre musical comedy amidst the 'intoxicating smell' of the graveyard.

Theater Review: The Second City Does Dallas

09/08/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

An over-the-top sketch comedy evening of hilarious (and quite accurate) references to some of Dallas' quirky characteristics and well known residents.

Theater Review: Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan

07/10/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

The charming and pixie-like Cathy Rigby plays Peter Pan with all the youthful exuberance of the gymnastics sweetheart that she still is.

Theater Review: Mamma Mia!

05/30/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Travel your entire sisterhood to this high-energy production running for one week only. You won't even need your hairbrush microphone in order to sing along!

Theater Review: Rain

04/25/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Baby boomers were still twisting and shouting and the grade school aged girl standing in the seat next to us was belting out lyrics to Give Peace a Chance.

Theater Review: La Cage Aux Folles

04/11/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Winner of three 2010 Tony Awards including the award for Best Musical Revival, this hilarious new production was the biggest hit of the 2010 Broadway season.

Theater Review: The Midwest Trilogy

03/23/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Motivational and therapeutic, The Midwest Trilogy written by Eric Steele centering around two films and a one-man play is a strong but easy-to-swallow antidepressant.

Theater Review: God of Carnage

03/21/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

This humorously chaotic play starts out funny enough and continues to escalate into hilarity leaving audience members with their mouths agape.

Theater Review: Tigers Be Still

03/10/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Sherry's got a new job, Grace's got a new love (Jack Daniels), Joseph's still got his old prom crown, Zach's got a black eye ... oh, and there's a tiger on the loose.

Theater Review: Million Dollar Quartet

03/07/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

A terrific cast of musician/actors portray rock 'n' roll icons with plenty of the signature moves and signature sounds that you expect.

Theater Review: Second Thought Theatre

02/19/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Second Thought Theatre strives to enlighten and entertain audiences by pushing the boundaries of human thought and emotion.

Theater Review: Bring It On

02/15/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Jaw-dropping gymnastics, hiiiiigh flying cheerleading stunts, energetic hip-hop choreography, catchy music, and over 1100 'rock concert' type lighting cues.

Theater Review: Giant

01/28/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Storytelling through song with a 15 member orchestra suspended over the stage, Giant addresses family, politics, drilling, and even the Six Flags over Texas.

Theater Review: A Christmas Carol

12/02/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

Singing, dancing, eerie apparitions, flashes of light, startling booms, and enough dry ice fog to douse the bah, humbug right out of the harshest of yuletide resisters.

Theater Review: To Kill a Mockingbird

10/28/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

Adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel about a young girl's discovery of injustice and racism in her tired old town of Maycomb, Alabama.

Theater Review: The Tempest

09/17/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

A plane crash, survival, love, loss, hope, revenge, half naked drunks, talking spirits, and magic dogs!?...?It's a dreamy Lost, 17th century Italian style.

Theater Review: Guys and Dolls

07/20/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

Wheddah you're a dame or a mug, a classy lady or a high-rollin' gent, go see Guys and Dolls at Fair Park. You won't soon fuggedaboutit.

Theater Review: The Wiz

07/15/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

Dallas Black Dance Theatre dances up a 'storm' in The Wiz, a wonderfully entertaining collaboration with Dallas Theater Center

Theater Review: Spamalot

06/15/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

This Tony winning musical adaptation of Monty Python and the Holy Grail is hilariously raunchy ... nonstop razzle-dazzle zaniness from beginning to end.

Theater Review: 9 to 5 The Musical

05/19/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

You can feel the essence, see the mannerisms, and hear the voice of Dolly all over DeGarmo's performance, especially in her song Backwoods Barbie.

Theater Review: Cabaret

04/29/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

Like a crafty, cocky puppet master, Wade McCollum mesmerizes the audience with seductive German / French / English translations and Axl Rose dance moves.

Theater Review: Dallas Theater Center

04/25/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

DTC is one of the leading regional theaters in the country, produces classic as well as contemporary plays, and performs for over 90,000 North Texans annually.

Theater Review: The Trinity River Plays

11/14/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

Exceptionally well cast and extremely well acted, The Trinity River Plays chronicle the lives of a houseful of strong, resilient women and the men who come and go.?

Theater Review: Shrek The Musical

09/29/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

The inspirational message is to let our freak flag fly preached by a cast of zany fairy tale characters including puppets, rabbits, and hobbits with bad habits.

Theater Review: Henry IV

09/22/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

You know a show is going to be different than most when it begins with a warning from house management to remain in your seats ? for your safety.

Theater Review: Wicked

05/01/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

Giant mechanical Time Dragon, circus-inspired talking Oz, elaborate scenic design, phenomenal cast, and 200+ exquisite costumes ? why, it's positively thrillifying!

Theater Review: Death of a Salesman

04/26/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

The play is an important part of American life, and the acting in this production is absolutely fantastic, and the most profound development in this story turns out to be our own.

Theater Review: It's a Bird ... Plane ... Superman

04/26/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

Look, over at the Wyly! It's a Bird ... It's a Plane ... It's Superman. And the Man of Steel is dispersing truth, justice, and the American way via a musical.

Theater Review: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber

04/21/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

With a live onstage orchestra and a cast of vocal all-stars, the show features over 30 songs by the famous composer of musicals like Cats, Evita, and The Phantom of the Opera.

Theater Review: Xanadu

04/17/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

A stage flooded with colored light, cast bedecked with Deney Terrio era satin and sparkle glory, and over three dozen disco balls sprinkling light across the auditorium.

Theater Review: Fat Pig

03/22/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

Tom, a successful, in-shape professional, falls into a romantic relationship with Helen a plus size librarian who happens to be completely content with her body.

Theater Review: The Beauty Plays

03/05/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

Playwright Neil LaBute portrays with astute accuracy (and only a minor sense of political correctness) America's obsession with physical attractiveness.?

Theater Review: The Shape of Things

03/05/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

Adam, an overweight college student who falls in love with Evelyn, a sexy graduate art student. But this is not a cute little light-hearted romantic comedy.

Theater Review: Give It Up!

01/25/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

In an attempt to arouse the boys' passion, Lysistrata leads the girls in an oath to hold out on 'giving it up' until the boys decide to quit 'giving up.'

Theater Review: A Christmas Carol

12/15/09 | SHERRI TILLEY

DTC is going out with a bang. Several bangs. And flashes of light, and smoke, and echoing clock chimes, and furniture that seems to move around the stage on its own.

Theater Review: A Midsummer Night's Dream

11/01/09 | SHERRI TILLEY

The Wyly Theatre seems just as much nightclub as theater, and its opening production by Dallas Theater Center was as much a party as a play.
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