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Opera Reviews by Sherri Tilley | Journalist | The Flash List | Dallas, Texas, USA


Opera reviews, attendance tips, first-timer guides, and calls for 'extras' by Sherri Tilley, publisher of The Flash List entertainment guide. (Photo by Karen Almond.)
Opera Review: La Traviata (The Fallen Woman)

Review of The Dallas Opera: La Traviata (The Fallen Woman)

If you've been waiting for a truly great classic opera with talented performers, passionate romance, soundtrack-worthy music, period costumes, and wildly impressive set design, this is it.

Opera Review: Die tote Stadt

Review of The Dallas Opera: Die tote Stadt

Intertwined in the exciting themes of this suspenseful psychological thriller is a wonderfully romantic love story told through powerfully passionate music.

Opera Review: Tristan & Isolde

Review of The Dallas Opera: Tristan & Isolde

This famous and exceedingly important work by Richard Wagner was influenced by the philosophy that man is continually driven by unachievable desires.

Opera Review: The Magic Flute

Review of The Dallas Opera: The Magic Flute

Enchantingly delightful,The Magic Flute is like a wacky mixture of The Wizard of Oz, The Nutcracker, Shrek, and Sid and Marty Krofft's HR Pufnstuf.


Opera Review: The Barber of Seville

03/28/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

This charming season finale production mixes loony behavior and whimsical tunes for an upbeat, on-your-emotional-tiptoes, classic opera.

Opera Review: The Aspern Papers

04/13/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

A group of internationally acclaimed singers?assembled for this contemporary opera that will likely appeal most to enthusiastic lovers of classical music.

Opera Review: Turandot

04/07/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

A thrilling tale of risk and desire incorporating an exciting and suspenseful plotline, exotic Chinese melodies, and elaborate set designs for each of its three acts.

Opera Review: Aida on Season Opening Night

10/27/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Her solo had the audience mesmerized; and like a praiseworthy evangelist, Latonia Moore will surely convert a new generation of opera lovers to the classic art form.

Opera Review: Lucia di Lammermoor

10/22/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

From the heights of love to the depths of madness, this bel canto masterpiece recounts a stirring tale of lies and loss - Romeo and Juliet style.

Venue Insights: The Dallas Opera

04/26/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

An exhilarating showcase of ornate costuming, elaborate scenery, dramatic singing actors, and racy plots about life, death, sex, political intrigue, mistaken identities, and more.

Opera Review: Boris Godunov

04/01/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

Boris Godunov is opera caviar. A discriminating audience will appreciate this dramatic, historical account of a Russian tsar who rises and falls amidst the country's political upheaval.

Opera Review: Rigoletto

03/26/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

The Dallas Opera's Rigoletto is a roller coaster of emotions that we wanted to ride over and over and over. It's soul-grabbing and gut-wrenching and laugh-out-loud funny.

Opera Review: Romeo & Juliet

02/11/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

From duel to dagger, Romeo & Juliet delivers just what you would expect from an opera: a timeless, classic tale of love and loss along with suspense and drama.

Opera Review: Anna Bolena

10/30/10 | SHERRI TILLEY

The second production in the Dangerous Desires series is this lyric tragedy exposing the drama-infused final days of the second wife of England's King Henry VIII.
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