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Sherri Tilley
Dining Reviews by Sherri Tilley | Journalist | The Flash List | Dallas, Texas, USA


Restaurant reviews, food festival coverage, dining news, and tasting tips by Sherri Tilley, publisher of The Flash List entertainment guide.
Food Tours of America Offers Narrated Walking Tour

Food Tours of America Offers Narrated Walking Tour

Rediscover Dallas during a fully-narrated walking tour, and enjoy the delicious local cuisine of charming Uptown.

Oishii Proprietor Thanh Nguyen Serves No-Shame Sushi

Oishii Proprietor Thanh Nguyen Serves No-Shame Sushi

Beautiful and extremely fresh sushi rolls served in a hospitable atmosphere that allows diners to ease into Asian cuisine at a comfortable pace.

Grimaldi's Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria

Restaurant Review: Grimaldi's Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria

In our search for an upscale and romantic pizzeria, we've found ourselves sitting at an establishment thinking, This is not it. Then we found Grimaldi's.

Komali's Fresh Vibe is a Bright Contrast to Traditional Tex-Mex

Komali's Fresh Vibe is a Bright Contrast to Traditional Tex-Mex

At lunch, Chef Abraham Salum had blushed as our mutual associate relayed word about how much the Bushes had enjoyed his food. Yes, those Bushes.


10 Tasty Things to Do at the Dallas Chocolate Festival


This showcase of chocolate makers, artisans, and pastry chefs is one of the must do annual events for Dallas foodies.

The Grill on the Alley at Galleria Dallas Adds Lighter Fare to Menu


The classically-traditional steakhouse has steered the new menu to incorporate seafood options and dishes that are lighter on the palate.

Restaurant Review: Villa-O

10/17/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Villa-O is known for a fun, friendly brunch and Italian-without-borders menu, says Executive Chef Vincenzo Indelicato.

Kenny's Wood Fired Grill

11/07/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

Kenny's Wood Fired Grill features traditional favorites like adult mac 'n' cheese and bacon cheddar burgers along with a variety of wood-grilled meats.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

11/09/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Surrender to an age of bravery and honor as you enjoy a royal feast while knights compete in an authentic jousting tournament and medieval games of skill.

Chefs for Farmers Mix It Up on the Boulevard

05/07/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Raising locavore awareness seemed to materialize flawlessly as delicious creations were served up by some of the top culinary talent in the city.

Dining Insights: Chefs for Farmers

05/06/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Chef Matt McCallister (along with his wife Iris) founded the group Chefs for Farmers, a grassroots organization promoting all things local.

Restaurant Review: Fuel City Tacos (Super Tacaso)

10/19/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

Award-winning tacos, elotes, 5 of Texas' largest Longhorns, a swimming pool, oil derek, windmill, drive-thru beer barn, karaoke and native Texas trees and cactus.

Restaurant Review: Pho Colonial

08/20/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

Serving authentic street foods of Southern Vietnam, Pho offers the traditional soup as well as banh mi sandwiches, bun dishes, and more.
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