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Editorial and Opinion Pieces by Sherri Tilley | Award-Winning Journalist and Publisher of The Flash List Entertainment Guide | Dallas, Texas, USA


Opinion pieces and personal commentary articles by Sherri Tilley, publisher of The Flash List entertainment guide.
Who Told You You're Not Beautiful?

Who Told You You're Not Beautiful? A Response to #ImNoAngel

Sherri Tilley poses this question to ladies of all shapes and sizes: Who told you that you're not beautiful? And what price have you paid for believing the lie?

Celebrity Crush: Shooting Our Stars

Celebrity Crush: Shooting Our Stars, an Editorial

Sherri Tilley, publisher of The Flash List, discusses inconsistencies in the treatment of celebrities and the high price we count as the cost of our entertainment.

The Love I Know

The Love I Know

I saw Jesus in a dream once. Human words can in no way even begin to adequately express the depth of love and kindness that emanated from this man.

A Letter from The Flash List Publisher Sherri Tilley

A Letter from Publisher strives to share the enchantment of Galveston Island with residents of Texas by promoting the area's top venues and attractions.

Who Sherri Tilley Is

Who I Am

Sherri Tilley is a news journalist, publisher of The Flash List, and writer at The Art of Gallivanting.

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What I Do

Specializing in news, reviews, and interviews for top entertainment venues and luxury lifestyle brands.

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Where I Go

My ever-evolving sense of collective adventure drives me for a wide range of leisure experiences.

Who Sherri Tilley Is

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Featured Work

Top stories, featured articles, and photo journalism by Sherri Tilley, publisher of The Flash List.

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