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Sherri Tilley
Celebrity Interviews by Sherri Tilley | Journalist | The Flash List | Dallas, Texas, USA


Personal profiles and in-person interviews with celebrity-level talent by Sherri Tilley, publisher of The Flash List entertainment guide (shown with Shirley Jones).
Interview with Hollywood Actor Val Kilmer

Interview with Hollywood Actor Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer, one of the Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time, talks about acting, the power of humor, Amadeus, Nirvana lyrics, the American way of living, and more.

Recap of Shirley Jones in Concert at the Venetian Room

Recap of Shirley Jones in Concert at the Venetian Room

This singer, actress, author, and pop culture icon is known as one of America's favorite TV moms, Shirley Partridge on the television series The Partridge Family.

Interview with Actor/Director Andrew McCarthy

Interview with Actor/Director Andrew McCarthy

Out to change the world one trip at a time, Andrew McCarthy has bared his soul in The Longest Way Home: One Man's Quest for the Courage to Settle Down.

Interview with Guitarists Brad Whitford and Derek St. Holmes

Interview with Guitarists Brad Whitford and Derek St. Holmes

The classic rock musicians (of Aerosmith and Ted Nugent's band, respectively) discuss their passion for music and having the freedom to run their own show.


Interview with Elena Ford, Chief Customer Experience Officer for Ford Motor Company


The great-great-granddaughter of Henry Ford discusses the current collaboration between the philanthropic Ford Fund and nonprofit First Book.

David Cook Discusses a Fresh New Sound and Reinventing His Wheel


The singer-songwriter of American Idol fame talks about the creative process, feeling fortunate, and surrounding himself with the right people.

Interview with Television Host Chris Harrison

11/02/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

The host of ABC's hit reality television shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette talks sports, rock stars, human behavior, and traveling globally.

Interview with Dizzy Reed of Guns N' Roses

05/21/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

Dizzy Reed talks about challenging himself, what he considers to be the key to having a good life, and things you might not know about him.

Interview with Billionaire John Paul DeJoria

11/24/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Iconic billionaire businessman John Paul DeJoria speaks with The Flash List about the healing nature of horses, equine camaraderie, and global distribution of RIDE TV.

Interview with Actor Ricky Schroder

11/24/14 | SHERRI TILLEY

Actor Ricky Schroder (Silver Spoons, Lonesome Dove, NYPD Blue) talks about directing films, riding horses, and being introduced to RIDE TV.

Interview with Theater Empresario Michael Jenkins

09/19/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

Managing Director Emeritus of Dallas Summer Musicals and Founder of LARC, Michael Jenkins has won Tony Awards, built amusement parks, and travelled the world enjoying a life of adventure.

Interview with Normand Latourelle of Cavalia

01/26/15 | SHERRI TILLEY

Normand Latourelle is founder of the internationally-acclaimed Cavalia which specializes in never-before-seen equestrian and performing arts shows.

Interview with Child Prodigy Ethan Bortnick

11/18/13 | SHERRI TILLEY

12-year-old piano prodigy featured on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, and Oprah is certified as the youngest entertainer to ever headline his own national tour.

Review of Rockettes Radio Christmas Spectacular

11/24/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

The Rockettes enthrall audiences with this family-friendly show featuring precision dance numbers, awe-inspiring special effects, a nostalgic tribute, and surprises.

Event Recap of Cabaret with Emily Bergl

10/06/12 | SHERRI TILLEY

The sweet and sexy Emily Bergl (known for her acting role on ABC's Desperate Housewives) took the stage accompanied by a pianist and the cutest bassist/ukulelist.

Concert Recap of Herbie Hancock

10/31/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

Along with a series of reproduced vocal sounds, Herbie added enhancements galore. Think 'wika-wika-wika,' 'wahk-wahk,' 'grooaan, grooaan,' 'tsst, tsst.

Concert Recap of Amy Grant

10/15/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

Contemporary Christian music artist Amy Grant hit the stage, strapped on her acoustic guitar, and invited us all to Stay for A While.

Theater Review of Arsenic & Old Lace

02/11/11 | SHERRI TILLEY

Tovah Feldshuh and Betty Buckley 'knock 'em dead' in this farce about sisters who help lonely old men die happy by serving them poisoned wine.
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Sherri Tilley is a news journalist, publisher of The Flash List, and writer at The Art of Gallivanting.

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What I Do

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